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Bricks incorporating recycled glass

Island Block & Paving‘s produce a third party Greentag certified Bricks/Blocls/Pavers for the Future produict. This product is manufactured with 36.5% recycled glass aggregate, which is a by-product derived from recycled glass container bottles. The use of recycled glass in products results in reduction of cement and mined sand usage, and further reduces CO2 emissions. It also provides a cost-effective reduction in the total amount of mixed glass waste being sent to landfill. Bricks for the Future are available in different colours and surface finishes.

Second hand or recycled bricks.

These bricks may be suitable as a finished product or where the wall is to be rendered or bagged. They are available at cost competitive prices per brick from the suggested following suppliers:

  • Beaver bricks (97288344)

  • Ecobricks (1300 326 274)

  • Paddy’s bricks (9687 2338)

Carbon neutral bricks

Certified carbon neutral bricks are available from several suppliers such as Daniel Robertson and Austral Bricks.

Hempcrete as an leading edge alternative to bricks

Hempcrete is a naturally derived product - it is made from industrial hemp (hemp strain grown for manufacturing processes) that is mixed with lime and water to form a lightweight masonry mix, that is poured into forms and tamped down (similar to rammed earth). It is then rendered with a layer of lime stucco.

Hempcrete absorbs carbon as it grows, and again, as a wall, it captures carbon as it dries. It is very easy to produce. It is a very good insulating material with a high R-value - much higher than bricks, blocks concrete and Hebel autoclaved aerated concrete (Hempcrete's R value depends on the wall thickness). Typical wall thicknesses are 300-400mm which should produce R values of approximately 3 - 4 (figures need further verification).

Hempcrete is termite, mould and pest resistant, has excellent acoustic properties, is breathable and healthy for humans to live in, and is fire resistant - it does not burn. 

Hempcrete walls still require timber frames, as like single skin brick walls, Hempcrete is non-load bearing. Hempcrete walls may be raised above surrounding ground level on brick plinths to reduce the chance of moisture damage at the bottom of the wall.  

Hemp blocks (IsoHemp), Hemp wall panels (both non-structural), RadikHemp structural insulated panel systems

Low embodied energy using 100% natural materials (limestone and hemp) that are sourced locally in WA. A pallet of IsoHemp hemp blocks stores 100kg of CO² (Mfrs comment - Check if net carbon positive production). Non-load bearing hemp masonry products that provide healthy and natural insulating envelopes, partition walls and counter partitions.

All products supplied by KOSP Construction Resources in WA.

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