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Comprehensive Sustainable dwelling design

  1. Your Home manual (Free - produced by the Australian Federal government a number of years ago) 

  2. Australian Energy Foundation - guides for selecting solar panels and batteries, hot water heat pumps, aircon units, sealing buildings, insulation

  3. Mullum Creek Sustainable housing estate Donvale Building Green advice and materials guides (produced by Paul Haar Architects and the project team)

  4. Mullum Creek Sustainable Housing estate Timber Guide

  5. NSW Good Wood Guide - Produced by the Rainforrest Information Centre (last updated 1998)

  6. Living Futures Institute Declare List of products (Australia)

  7. Living Futures Institute Declare List of products (world-wide)

  8. Living Futures Institute Red List - products to avoid


  1. Rewired - from ARENA (Australian Renewable Energy Agency) 

Life Cycle Assessments for common building materials 

  1. The EPIC database (Environmental Performance in Construction database - free opensource database developed by the University of Melbourne). 

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Solutions for Success

  • Carbon neutral homes by reducing energy consumption (maximising energy efficiency including higher energy rating which impacts heating and cooling only plus efficient appliances) and offsetting the difference with renewable power generation eg PV solar electric panels. Install an electric heat pump storage hot water unit that can utilise the electrify generated during the day to heat the water.

  • Also passive design is back - orientation, room positioning, shading, natural ventilation and breeze paths. All windows with an openable component and easily accessed openers. Check designs for tweaks to improve in these areas.

  • WSUD - driveways not falling to stormwater pits in the centre but shedding to adjoining garden beds below pavement level - to allow in ground infiltration. 

  • Electric charging stations - a 30amp Power Point very little extra cost.

  • Food Organics collections coming in next 1-3 years

Resources - References: About


Solutions for Success

Resources - References: About
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