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This site was developed by Low Impact Development Consulting. It is intended to be a free resource to simplify sustainability, so that designers can more easily incorporate Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) into their projects, and they can refer their clients to this site so that they can understand the reasons behind the ESD initiatives. LID Consulting has no commercial affiliation with any product suppliers on this site.

About LID

We are ESD consultants with a decade of expertise in Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD), who thrive on helping deliver better precincts, subdivisions, buildings, and organisations. We work with design teams and clients to raise the bar with smart sustainable design and waste solutions, to create buildings that work with the planet. Not against it.

As Sustainability and Waste consultants we deliver improved ESD and Waste solutions to go beyond or meet compliance at all stages of development from design, through construction, to operation stages of precincts, buildings or organisations.

For more details refer to our main website or review our other sites shown below. Feel free to contact us if you have ESD or waste consulting requirements.

Note we do most things ESD beyond the individual house energy ratings, although have partnerships with firms who undertake certification energy ratings with us.

Websites and tools by Low Impact Development (LID) Consulting:  ​  

LID Company services website -  

DesignLightly advice to designers and clients -

Waste Management Plans website -

Insulation calculator tool -

Community led development project -

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