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Environmental Policy

We will endeavour to conduct all aspects of your business in a manner that ensures the interests of the environment is of primary consideration.

We will commit to efforts to reduce energy and water consumption, and reduce the waste generated by our staff and processes.

We will purchase products that cause the least amount of harm to the environment within their product group and avoid products that cause direct known harm to the environment.

Specific actions we take. We:

  • Turn off monitors and computers at the end of each working day (unless required to be on for backup or running models overnight).

  • Undertake office energy use monitoring via the use of sensors on major circuits ie mechanical heating/cooling/ventilation, lighting, computers and IT equipment, printers, the fridge and hot water. We communicate the results to all office occupants to help facilitate ideal energy saving behaviour.

  • As at January 2020 we are investigating becoming a certified carbon neutral organisation or becoming an organisation that provides a carbon neutral service. 

  • Ensure the safe disposal of e-waste  (electronic-waste: any item that uses electricity or batteries to operate) and other hazardous materials. To this end we undertake recycling of all e-waste items consumed in our office ie printer cartridges, batteries.

  • Operate a predominantly paperless office environment – storing files online to minimise paper use. We also recycle paper.

  • Compost office food scraps and recycle food packaging.

  • Have undertaken an environmentally friendly office fit-out which incorporates reuse with second hand office desks, re-purposed office armchairs with recycled PET fabric covering, thermal mass exposed concrete floors, and natural floor coverings where floor coverings are used.

  • Our policy is to purchase second hand furniture as a first option eg desks and arm chairs.

  • Commit to a preferred purchasing policy of products that cause the least amount of harm to the environment within their product group.

  • Share resources with employees and other businesses regarding environmental stewardship in our office (e.g. energy efficiency)

  • We encourage good environmental stewardship in how employees manage their virtual offices. We request that all contractors compost their food scraps and encourage the use of green energy by contractors.

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