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Lighting levels 

LED lighting has improved massively over recent years such that good LED residential downlights at 6W now provide better lighting output than the traditional norm 50W halogens. This makes energy efficiency gains from lighting very easy to obtain when refurbishing houses.

The improvement from typical office fluorescent batten lights to LED types generally sees a saving of approximately 50% of energy consumption. 

We still recommend  the lighting density in dwellings will be reduced to at least 20% below the maximum allowed by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) 2019 (i.e. 4W/m2 rather than the maximum allowed 5W/m2). 

Retrofitting LED downlights

Note however that when retrofitting LED downlight globes to existing fittings with dimmers, there can be problems in reliability of the lights. the LED ligh globes draw too low a current level to properly activate the lights. Designers will need to replace existing dimmers with LED dimmers.

We have been advised by a lighting designer that BrightGreen are good LED downlights with the best dimming flow.

Recycling removed lights

Just about all types of lighting can be recycled. 

  • Incandescent light globes (the old fashioned light bulbs we grew up with)

  • Halogen down-lights. Millions of these are being replaced under energy efficiency schemes that may require proof of destruction and recycling of these lamps

  • LED lighting – the new kids on the block, favoured for their low electricity use and longevity.

The following types of lighting contain toxic mercury metal and must be recycled to prevent that mercury from entering the environment.

  • Fluorescent tubes, usually found in commercial buildings, but also in some homes

  • Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), common in all types of buildings

  • Sodium vapour and other high-intensity lamps used in warehouses, factories, sporting facilities and street lighting.

Other lighting-associated waste can also be recycled, including metal lamp fittings and electrical wiring.

(From the ecocycle website)

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